Real estate terms can sometimes be confusing, so let’s chat about how to measure land size and house sizes.


Many people confuse ‘square metres’ and ‘squares’ by using the two measurements interchangeably, but they are actually different units altogether.


The terms ‘squares’ is actually an old imperial measurement, similar to inches, feet and yards. A square is an area of ten feet by ten feet. In metric this equates to 9.29 m2. The term ‘squares’ is only used to measure the internal size of a house, not for land size.


So if someone says ‘it’s a 40 square home on an acre of land’ they are using imperial measurements.


If someone says ‘it’s a 361 square metre home on a 950 square metres of land’ they using metric measurements.


Just to confuse matters even further, people often use both imperial and metric measurements together for convenience: ‘I have a 400 square metre home on two acres of land’


Clear as mud!!!


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